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Global Dignity Day

Global Dignity Day marks a global demonstration of the inspirational and inclusive power of dignity. Young Global Leaders speak to youth all over the world to encourage a new, positive, inclusive and interconnected sense of value. Their (self-respect, ambition, hard work, a feeling of accomplishment). After giving the talk, the speaker invites aim is to inspire young people and help them to understand their self worth and goals.
On Global Dignity Day, speakers go into schools and tell pupils about their own lives and experiences with dignity the students to think about what dignity means to them, and how it affects their lives. The students are then encouraged to share their own stories in front of the class. They are encouraged to right a letter to themselves, which are then collected and stored and returned to the children on the next Global Dignity Day, so that they can measure how their lives have changed over the course of the year, which goals have been met and how they can work towards their future.
Global Dignity Day thus serves as a benchmark for children to measure their success and as a reminder of what they find truly important in life.

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