Disarmament Week

Established in 1978, the observance of Disarmament Week revolves around raising public awareness of the dangers of the arms race and the need for international disarmament. From October 24 - 30, the global community focuses on the threat of communities in arms. This stresses the need for the cessation of the aforementioned in order for global security to be a reality. The week highlights the need to increase the global understanding of the importance of disarmament. An important focus of this week is trying to convince nations to only keep the weapons they need for an adequate police force. Disarmament Week focuses on both weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, and small arms with the former taking the majority of attention during this week. These nuclear weapons are extremely devastating and while progress has been made; there is still an estimated 30 000 - 50 000 nuclear warheads in the world.